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Well, I'm back and I realized it's time for something new. At the moment I'm doing an art trade and then I'm doing a gift for a friend, but in the meantime, I want to make a contest.

Submit a description and personality of your OC, the best one will get a free single pony no background commission.

for application, you must do the following:
1. send me a note titled OC CONTEST SUBMISSION
2. in the note, I need both the personality of your OC and appearance, the character's overall score will be judged by looks and personality

feel free to do whatever with your character, but there are 2 rules you have to follow:
1. has to be a pony
2. can only be 1 of the 3 basic races(Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus), therefore, no alicorns

anything else goes

edit: deadline is until March 20th, on March 21st the submissions are closed

good luck, you creative sons of bitches

edit 2: Okay, I guess I have to make some things more clear so here is some extra info.
If you submit a character, I will NOT claim ownership over him/her/it(transgender ponies are welcome, btw), I will just make him for free and upload it as a deviation in my new "Contest Winner" folder. The deviation will be displayed on my profile as a portfolio with a credited owner in the description. The winner is free to do whatever he/she desires with the deviation once it is finished.

Another thing, NO UNIQUE RACES, only pegasus, unicorn and earth pony. Look above, only 2 rules. I might make a "Unique Race" contest in the future, but for now, please follow the rules.

One more time, to submit, send me a note titled "OC CONTEST SUBMISSION
As for the character description, you can describe him in whatever format is most comfortable for you, you can describe him textually, send me a pony creator pic, you can even send your own artwork.
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Mokrosuhibrijac's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Place for pony commissions here:

Vectoring of a sketch- $5,00

Single- $7,50

Couple- $10,00

With a background - $18,00

1. No Rule 34(that means,no porn and no sexual innuendos fuck it, sexual innuendos are allowed now)

2. No genderswaps and no gay shipping with official characters, only if both are OC. screw that shit, if you want a female discord having lesbian action with celestia, imma do incest, though...although, big mac x applejack would be hilarious playing on the whole hillbilly genre...hmmm...STILL NO!!!!

3. No Lyra x Bon Bon, no Derpy with muffins and no Lyra hand or Lyra human memes. damn I was angry back then...I'll do 'em, but I won't like it...because they're uncreative, but $10 is $10

4. No romantic pics with an adult pony and a foal.Actually...wait, what? EWWWW!!! Okay, that rule stays, strikethrough or not

5. I require payment in advance. When you pay, I'll start working on your vector, I'm usually very fast with them and I tend to do them as accurately as possible so you won't wait a lot,unless I have work to do, but I guarantee that your vector will be finished and after I finish it,if I made any mistakes, I'll repair them according to your instructions.


Now this is an important part of the commission. The better the reference, the more accurately I'll be able to portray your pony. You can give a written description, but those can be perceived differently by you and me.

Most often I'd get a Pony Creator reference,that makes it easier for me to vector because all the colors are accurately displayed and it makes my work much easier.

The other common examples are drawings of a pony in an artist's style, like these two:
Notice the zebra pattern, the wing claws etc.
Notice the color of her ears and the yellow highlight on her wings.

Then I try my best to convert their designs to fit the show.
This one really gave me a hard time and I tried really hard to make it as the commissioner required, well,he's satisfied at least, damn,making grimdark ponies is hard. XD
This one wasn't as hard because it was way more specific than the previous one,also the commissioner is satisfied so...mission accomplished. XD

So here you go, whatever the reference, I'll do my best give you your money's worth. :D

Yours sincerely,
Mokrosuhibrijac and his pony :iconmokrosuhibrijac:


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